He Jerks It, He Works It, He Squirts It


We’re always surprised when Bobby Garcia is filming a hot soldier whacking it for the camera while holding a conversation with him. We’re guessing that these guys probably feel more comfortable talking while jerking than just being watched. That’s how we come to find out that the latest soldier on Bobby’s bed has a small dick when he’s limp. He even shows us an approximation with his fingers. Then he goes on to say that it’s a whole different ballgame when he’s hard, which is very true – the dude’s definitely got an above average cock. It’s also got some thickness to it, and, well, we’d totally take a ride on him if he would let us. Was that an overshare? Oh well, we’re betting once you see him you’ll totally agree as well.


War Chest 22

War Chest 22
Watch the next installment in the War Chest series featuring a collection of ten hot never-before-release scenes!
Studio: Active Duty
War Chest
Director: Dink Flamingo

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War Chest 22


The Juiciest Marine Cocks






We really have to (ahem) hand it to Bobby Garcia for bringing us so many naked dudes that we might not have ever seen otherwise. We have to say that we’re pretty impressed with all the dicks that have marched through his home over the years. What’s really impressive is that Bobby seems to have a knack for finding hot guys with beautiful looking dicks. We’re surprised that he’s able to show such restraint among some of the bigger ones. We know that if we’d convinced a guy to take his clothes off and jerk off for us we would definitely be trying to hook-up with them. With daily updates and a big army base right next door, we have a feeling that Bobby won’t be running out of dick any time soon!


Bobby Loves Sucking Dick

Bobby Garcia is a cocksucker – we mean that in the nicest possible way. We were going through all of Bobby’s videos on AWOL Marines and stumbled upon some vintage Bobby. Now, we don’t know how long ago this video was shot, but Bobby was definitely into the soldier.
Bobby ends up chatting with the six foot tall stud the entire twenty-six minutes that he’s playing with himself, and you know what? The soldier stays standing at attention the entire time! The feat is even more impressive when you stop to consider just how fucking big his cock is – it’s a monster!
In fact, the only time Bobby is silent is when he’s got this dude’s dick down his throat. We can’t be certain, but we’re pretty sure that Bobby swallows the guy’s load at the end. We’re so proud of our girl for making sure that our men in the Armed Forces remain sexually satisfied while they sacrifice for our great nation!


Buddies Jerk Off

Every now and then two extremely horned up buddies will come across Bobby Garcia and agree to maybe jack off in front of his camera if they find the porn they are presented with “hot.” Those who aren’t familiar with Garcia should know that he has one of the hottest collections of straight porn – and he ain’t even straight. Bobby knows if he’s going to get these hot studs to strip down for him he’s got to deliver, and deliver he does.
In one of his more recent posts, we see two friends from Camp Pendleton sit down next to each other and watch some porn. It’s never long before bulges appear under trousers and hands slowly make their ways down to relieve all the stress. These guys do a great job of trying not to look at each other’s peen, but still get caught. The dark-haired guy plays it off by shaking his own dick around in an effort to make his buddy laugh. He looks over at him, but what he’s really looking at is his buddy getting ready to cum. We love all the pretense, it makes the action just that much hotter.


Huge Marine Cums Buckets!

From the moment we saw the latest AWOL Marine make his way over to Bobby’s bed we fell in love. He didn’t say what branch of the military he serves, but it doesn’t really matter. This particular soldier is hot and hung! Sometimes these guys can come across as a bit scary and intimidating, but this particular dude seems really nice, and is quick to flash a heart-melting grin that’ll have you wanting to jump into bed with him. He also likes the feel of silk boxers, which we get to see for a sec before he takes them off and unveils his impressive package.
Our mouths dropped when we saw him in all his erect glory. This guy is packing some serious meatage! Bobby had to keep pouring lube into the toy he was stroking himself with because there was just way too much to keep lubricated.
We loved his sexy devil grin as he came buckets all over the black bedspread. He holds his dick straight out and even uses two hands to get the job done. Of course, when you’re that big you need as much help as you can get. No wonder he was complaining of fatigue at the beginning of the video, it’s a full-time job just trying to get off. We’re just glad he’s able to do it!


Italian Stallion Jerks Off

It’s good to see Bobby Garcia sweating it out a little every once in a while.  The latest stud to pop on over to Bobby’s place isn’t into the porn that Bobby initially puts on, which brings some complaints. Garcia, ever cool as a cucumber, sounds a little annoyed as he looks for another tape, but claims that he does have something that is hardcore. Don’t worry, the Marine is able to jack off at the end so Bobby must have pulled through, but it’s nice to see him scramble for a change!
Some guys just need a little privacy and good porn to get things going, and this dude is the perfect example. The ever-lingering Bobby has to actually leave the room to let the Marine get his groove on. Once Bobby is gone, the hot Marine is able to rise to the occasion. This man is pretty big and burly, and he’s got a nice dick to boot.
By the time he was about to cum, we couldn’t keep our eyes off his thick mushroom head. It’s the type of head that would hurt going in if he decided to fuck you, but you know that shit would feel amazing once you became used to the size!


Let’s Hear it for the Boy!

You can always tell a Marine from a regular soldier because they always look a little more aggressive than the rest. The latest stud to make his way over to Bobby Garcia’s house of jack off sex is a pretty fine specimen of man. He starts the session off by asking Bobby to turn the lights down. Bobby tells him that he needs it to be bright for the camera, but he relents anyway. This particular Marine scowls quite a bit, which leads us to believe that he must be a fucking beast in bed. Some guys just have that Fight Club look, where they’d no sooner beat the living daylights out of you than fuck the living daylights out of you.
This particular Marine is someone we would totally hook-up with. We’re not quite sure what it is he does anymore, but we couldn’t help but notice his shaved armpits. His lawn didn’t look like it was perfectly manicured, but it wasn’t out of control either. In other words, it was just right.
We have to give it up to this dude he really makes us want to join him in his whack off session. He’s got one of those mushroom heads that must look really good with lips wrapped around it. We just wonder how many of his buddies have had a taste of him during those long, lonely nights when he was doing his service.


A Good Hard Man

It’s a brand new year and Bobby Garcia is starting it out right by bringing us the hottest soldiers in the U.S.. Fans of Garcia will notice that he’s been getting more and more creative with the camera recently. In his latest update, a young worked out soldier licks his fingers and pulls and caresses his own nipples. Bobby makes sure that he captures all the naughty action by getting an extreme close-up and showing us the soldier’s perfect nipples.
Garcia has also been getting them to stand up and jerk off, which totally gives us a different view of the action. Every soldier’s JO technique is different, and this particular soldier likes to get a hard grip and pump his shaft all the way up until he hits the tip of his head.
As he’s getting ready to cum, you can’t help but notice how hard his body starts to get. His stomach tenses showing his perfect rock-hard abs and his chiseled chest, which seems to expand even more. With so much going on, you might want to blow your own load right then and there but then you would miss his spectacular cumshot. Let’s just say his shooting skills really go the distance.


Desperate Soldiers 3: Ethan Goes Down

Desperate Soldiers 3: Ethan Goes Down
Ethan will experience many firsts in this movie! Two Hours of hot scenes with Ethan!
Director: Dexx Jones

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Desperate Soldiers 3: Ethan Goes Down


Two Dudes One Couch

It’s been a while since Bobby Garcia had two buddies on his couch jerking off together. It’s always fun watching two guys who are about to be naked in front of each other. As they took their places on the couch, they sat as far apart as they could possibly get. Bobby didn’t give them any time to get comfortable before asking them both to strip completely naked.
It’s always fun to play the guessing game of “Who’s gonna be more hung?” If you guessed the guy on the right, you are correct. As the two started working their cocks and trying to make them stiff, the  guy on the right was the clear winner as his dick seemed to get bigger and bigger. The other guy became really chatty and kept looking over. It could have been nerves, but we think he was just trying to see how he measured up against his buddy.
These two straight dudes are living proof that guys can get hard under any circumstance! We love the idea of these two straight dudes jerking their dicks just a few feet away from each other.
The guy with the big cock delivered a pretty nice cumshot as more and more of the white gooey stuff came flying out of his cock. In the end, they both climbed into the shower (not at the same time) and scrubbed themselves clean. Maybe next time they’ll even give each other a handjob. Here’s hoping!


Bobby Garcia Bottoms Yet Again

The latest Marine to make his way over to Bobby Garcia’s couch informs Bobby that he doesn’t have a lot of time. Those who know Bobby know that this sends him running around trying to get everything ready for what’s to come.
The Marine has no problem getting hard and has a really nice cock that we wouldn’t mind bouncing on if given the chance. Maybe that’s why Bobby is so eager to get everything set up. We love when guys roll a condom on – it’s one of our favorite things to watch. The Marine gets on his knees and waits for Bobby to finish getting everything together while staying hard the entire time.
We’re not trying to sound like prudes, but the young guy slips his cock inside of Bobby and just starts pumping away. No warm-up, no go slow, nothing. His entire rod slips in easily. We have a feeling the poppers Bobby is secretly sniffing help, but still… In the end the Marine doesn’t even bother to pull out. He just cums inside of Bobby, pulls out, leaving the condom on, and has a smoke and a drink.

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